Turning 25 hit me like a ton of bricks. After 24 years of never dreading a birthday, I woke up on a bright June day in 2012 feeling old. It wasn’t what I expected. I thought for sure I would greet every birthday leading up to maybe 35 with excitement and celebration. After all, wasn’t this type of birthday dread a thing that thirtysomethings suffered from? Apparently not. After sheepishly admitting to my fellow mid to late twentysomethings that I was not cool with entering their category, they all seemed to understand my angst.

What I realized was that the real panic stemmed from the feeling that our twenties were quickly coming to an end and, for whatever reason, that mattered. Some felt nostalgic over a packed-full decade they would soon have to move on from, while sadly many others just felt old with nothing to show for it.

After seeking (older) wise-counsel, I came to terms that I was being a little over-dramtic. After all, at 25 I was a married, employed college graduate that loved my career and my city. But something about that dread I felt on the morning of my birthday stuck with me. I couldn’t really articulate it, but something about all those conversations I had with fellow twentysomethings gnawed at me.

A few months before my 26th birthday, my friend and birthday month twin, Amelia, told me she wanted to do something significant for her upcoming 23rd birthday. As a passionate law student who focused her whole career path on eradicating human trafficking, Amelia wanted to use her birthday as a platform to raise funds for the International Justice Mission. Feeling completely inspired by Amelia’s idea, and wanting to avoid a repeat of my 25th birthday, I asked Amelia if I could join her campaign. She agreed, and during the month of June 2013 we raised $5,000.

“This feels right,” I thought to myself when the campaign ended. Amelia and I began to dream about what we could do next.

After watching an incredible TED Talk by clinical psychologist Meg Jay, everything clicked for us and we had the final piece of inspiration we needed to launch our next idea.

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