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The story behind how twentysomething Courtney Weil grew Crafts and Love Jewelry from hobby to successful business.

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Twentysomething Courtney Weil is the owner and designer of Crafts and Love Jewelry, a beautiful jewelry line crafted with vintage and romantic-inspired materials.

As an engineering student at Georgia Tech, Courtney set up an Etsy shop so she could begin selling pieces of her unique handmade jewelry to raise funds for short-term mission trips. The response was good, and she was able to raise the money she needed at the time.

Though sales continued to come in even after the money was raised, she never considered growing Crafts and Love into a full-time business.

Due to her interest in global water solutions, Courtney attended Emory University to pursue her Masters in Global Public Health right after undergrad. She also got married. Life was very busy, and Crafts and Love only seemed to match the pace as sales grew.

Courtney couldn’t ignore the fact that her hobby was developing into something much bigger, a brand. She began to think of ways to steward the brand and build what was becoming a full-fledged business. Courtney studied other Etsy shops to see how to take her shop to the next level, from amateur to professional. She took note of product photography, packaging, and brand consistency, as well as pricing and affordability. As a twentysomething, it was important to Courtney to make sure her jewelry was priced with her peers in mind.

In order to gain awareness and exposure, Courney attended craft markets and shows, like Indie Craft Experience, and connected with other Atlanta crafters and buyers. Eventually Courtney became a vendor herself at these markets. All the while, she was still designing and creating new pieces and collections, which included hunting for the perfect materials and inspiration.

Courtney was wife, grad student, designer and business woman all at the same time. Her hard work paid off. She recently graduated with her MPH, and decided to stick with Crafts and Love full-time. Crafts and Love has since grabbed the attention of brick and mortar shop buyers, bloggers, and magazine writers, and is now featured in 40 locations across the United States.

“Figure out what inspires you to be passionate, creative, honest, and loving. That is the thing (or things) you should be doing and developing in your twenties,” Courtney advises her fellow twentysomethings.

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Owner, Crafts and Love • 24 • Atlanta, GA

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