How one twentysomething found a perfect balance In photography.

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Erin has been around photography her entire life.  Growing up, it was all around her. Her father was a photographer, and taught her the art and love of the craft early on.  In college, she veered slightly away from photography with a major in marketing, where she maintained some form of creativity. But during her senior year, she started dabbling in photography on a more serious level.

As an equestrian, Erin combined her love for the sport with her old-time passion and started photographing her friends and equestrian teammates with their horses. She loved it so much that when she graduated, she began shooting weddings and engagement photos, in addition to maintaining her 9 to 5 job in marketing.

Although Erin has had great success as a full-time photographer and a full-time marketing specialist, her heart was with the horses. Nothing energized her more than interacting with and shooting horses and their riders. With all the time and effort that goes into post-production, she didn’t want to spend her limited time on subjects her heart wasn’t invested in.

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Erin began to turn to dream ideas for shoots, from a carousel horse to an Alice in Wonderland tea party. These stylized shoots, though purely for fun and unpaid, confirmed that if Erin could do any type of photography, it would be with horses.

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Erin received the perfect opportunity to blend her love for horses, photography, and stylized shoots when Style My Ride— style blog for equestrians­—asked her to fill in for one of their regular photographers on a shoot. Style My Ride features glamorous editorial photos showing off current trends in equestrian wear. They loved her work, and asked her to come back a handful of times.

Now, Erin has transitioned to mostly shooting portraits of riders with their horses. She’s even been able to do some weddings with horses involved.

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“You don’t have to have it all figured out,” Erin shared with a smile. But her experience shows that, with persistence and determination, you can get do what you love most.

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