How a group of twentysomethings is building community for creative innovators.

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Have you ever had an amazing idea? Perhaps, you’ve dreamed of starting a company that will ignite your passions and utilize your talents while also providing a sustainable income. Or, maybe you’ve considered starting a non-profit that would serve as the solution to the social issue that has gripped your heart and kept you up at night.

A blog. A start-up. An invention. A book club. A clothing line. An app.

We all want to do something, make something or start something.

There’s not a short supply of ideas among twentysomethings, but what about the execution of those ideas? That’s the question 26 year old Charlton asked as he noticed a pattern with his visionary peers.

“My friends would share with me these amazing ideas they had, like launching a new start-up,” Charlton explained, “But, two or three months later, you would ask them about how it was going and either they had not moved forward with it yet or had given up entirely.”

As Charlton began to question and challenge these friends, he found that many had quit their dreams within a year because they lacked the resources and relationships to make their ideas happen.

Charlton, along with eight of his college buddies, formed an accountability group called “The Vision Police.” The group began to meet on a monthly basis to introduce ideas, ask questions, give updates and connect networks. Their maxim was simple, No Lonely Leaders, and their goal was simple  - to hold each other accountable for their goals and ideas.

In November 2012, the group launched HiveATL, a quarterly gathering created to give people support from concept to launch. Less than a year later, the Hive team is making connections and bringing people together based on their founding model.

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“A guy attended who was suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He dreamed of shooting a documentary about his condition to bring more awareness to it,” Charlton explains. “While attending a Hive Gathering, he met a videographer who had just completed a cross-country documentary.”

The conversation between the two inspired a Kickstarter campaign with a $12,000 goal. However, the campaign ended up raising over $17,000 and the documentary is now in production.

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By holding people accountable for their biggest goals, craziest ideas, and greatest passions, Charlton and the Hive team have cultivated a community of innovators.

When asked to share a piece of advice to his twentysomething peers, Charlton didn’t hesitate to respond, “Just do stuff,” he said. “Too often we focus on the opportunities we lack and on the things we don’t have at our age. We complain about not having the right job out of college, or not making enough money…don’t complain, just make things better.”

The next Hive ATL Gathering is May 13, 2014! Click here to register today!

Photo credit: Stephens Hiland

Charlton |

Founder, Hive ATL • 26 • Atlanta, GA

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