Two twentysomething friends turn business partners with their unique film production company.

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Everyday, there are people who make the decision to change their career path, and, ultimately their lives. Will, a musician in high school, went to Belmont to study music for two years before changing paths and finishing up a business degree at Georgia State University.

Will’s father had owned a production company that produced  TV shows like Outdoor Life Network’s The Best and Worst of Tred Barta. During his studies, Will joined his father’s team to learn the skills necessary to thrive in the production industry. While there, he worked as a TV editor for four years with his close friend and fellow editor, Ben.

Ben and Will decided to start their own production company, called Yonder Blue Films, in April of 2012.  Combining Will’s business degree and their prior production experience, “We already knew how to tell a story,” said Will, so the move seemed fitting.

Will Wheeler and Ben

They focused their efforts on a niche market—aerial filming using remote control helicopters. Will and Ben taught themselves how to build and fly the helicopters, and soon mastered the art of smooth and steady filming while flying. Ben pilots the machine, while Will operates the camera. That’s what sets them apart as a company—the fact that they have the technical knowledge of the instruments they’re using and understand every aspect of normal film production.

Will Wheeler Heli 2

Will learned more about client relations as he transitioned from a production job with an already-established company to running every part of the business with a partner. Ben heads up the financials, but they both deal with clients every step of the way. He stated that you simply “get somewhere by being nice to people.” This has manifested in the variety of business opportunities they receive: from themed races, TV shows like Necessary Roughness, commercials with national TV spots, to even feature films.

Will Wheeler Heli 3

Their most enjoyable shoot was one they did just for fun—a motocross shoot where the helicopters rode alongside the bike at 35 mph, 5 mph away from machine’s capacity.

Will Wheeler Heli 1

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