Telling the stories of twenty-somethings to
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Facing the future when your college major and heart's desire no longer seem to align

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How one twentysomething’s work is promoting freedom

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Why you don't have to give up when things don't go as planned.

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A chat with a talented fashionista who utilized her twenties to explore how to apply her passions and skills to a deeper purpose.

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Meet a twentysomething who has already launched more than four businesses.

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How one twentysomething’s decision to help others changed his life.

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A twentysomething’s international journey to finding herself.

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2 twentysomethings. 9 weeks. 8 countries. 0 trust fund.

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How one twentysomething author is finding hope in storytelling.

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Now 30, Brett reflects on his becoming a best-selling author and a filmmaker in his twenties.

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After being back in the States for a decade, former missionary kid returns to serve his foreign hometown.