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The Known Project is creating a space where honesty is sacred, and where ordinary, everyday people will inspire hope through their bravery.

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The story behind how twentysomething Courtney Weil grew Crafts and Love Jewelry from hobby to successful business.

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Aaron Chewning talks about life as a freelance creative, Atlanta's comedy scene, and the advice that helped break his inhibitions.

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Twentysomething Leah isn't waiting around to fulfill her dream of being an author

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20-year-old Xanna shares her journey to owning and operating a fast-growing macaron business.

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Twentysomething comedy couple talk about getting in the business of making people laugh

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Meet a twentysomething who has chosen to kick off her career in the fashion industry by launching a brand with a unique mission

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Meet a twentysomething who is developing her peers into leaders and social entrepreneurs

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Facing the future when your college major and heart's desire no longer seem to align

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Utilizing your career to build security for your creative endeavors

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A midnight revelation from Twenties Blog author Lindsay

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Twentysomething wedding and lifestyle photographer Carrie Jo tells about her unexpected start in the industry and how she built a successful business after college

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How one twentysomething’s work is promoting freedom

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February 27th marks Shine a Light on Slavery Day

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One twentysomething reveals her creative career transformation

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The twentysomething founder of LSTN, Inc. tells us how her passion for music sparked the idea for a one-of-a-kind headphone company.

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Why you don't have to give up when things don't go as planned.

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A chat with a talented fashionista who utilized her twenties to explore how to apply her passions and skills to a deeper purpose.